Street Collections, known as RAIDS, are when students go out into the streets (often in costume) to collect for a specific charity on any given day with buckets rather than the clipboards. Check out our video to find out more…


Megaraids: A Megaraid is defined as a Raid where more than one Rag is present and in recent years these have been organised on a massive scale by charities with some events taking place consistently for over a decade.

Here you can find out information about all raids, past and present, and see how much we’ve raised!

Current Raid Totals:


Upcoming Raids:

— Saturday 7th February (Raid for Unicef in Southampton)
— Saturday 21st February (Bag pack)
— Saturday 7th March (St Peter’s Hospice raid in Bristol)
— Saturday 14th March (Meningitis Research Foundation raid in Portsmouth)

Check our our events calendar to sign up to future raids!

2013/14 Raid Total: £2559.54

St Mungo’s RAG Raid: