Anyone can hold a fundraiser with SUSU and it’s easier than you think! Whatever you plan to do, you must fill in an event form and send it back for approval.

If you need any help planning the fundraiser we have put a load of hints and tips below, RAG is always here to support you so contact us for any further advice and information and to update us with any fundraising you’ve done.

How to Run Your Own Fundraiser

The most important thing to do if you are planning your own fund raiser is play to your strengths. In 1985 when Bob Geldof and Midge Ure wanted to do something for the starving of Ethiopia, they used their contacts and put together the Live Aid concerts. If they had tried to do a fun run, they almost certainly wouldn’t have raised £150 million, so think about what you can do and what your friends can do, and work with that.


Secondly, remember to make it fun. Organise an event that appeals to your mates, and it will be a lot easier to promote it. The best publicity is word of mouth, and if your friends are excited about it they’ll tell their friends, who’ll tell their friends… and so it goes on until suddenly you have sold out and raised loads of money!

Events that work well include…

  • Themed nights and parties – The Bridge and the halls bars are good for these or The Cube if you are expecting a larger crowd. Some clubs and bars in Portswood or town can also be hired. These can range from fancy dress themes to slave auctions, race nights and beyond!
  • Sponsored events – If you belong to a Club or Society, or have a particular hobby, why not think about using your skills to run a sponsored event? In the past we have seen 24 hour SCUBA diving, sponsored climbing and skydiving.
  • Do something weird – Similar to the above but rather than seeking sponsorship for something active you could get sponsored to spend a day in fancy dress, have a bath in baked beans or something similarly gross.
  • Collections – if you want to collect in public then you need a permit from the council. You can collect on campus with permission from RAG and the SUSU marketing team.
  • Raffles – many companies are willing to donate prizes for charity raffles. This could be run as a stand-alone fundraiser or alongside a themed night.

SUSU facilities you can hire for free

  • The Bridge
  • The Cube
  • The Cinema
  • Halls bars
  • The Concourse and Red Brick area

To book a venue use the SUSU Room Bookings System or contact

Useful Contacts

Any questions or ideas you want to run past us? Contact the RAG committee on Good luck!

All Fundraising Events Must be Approved by RAG

Remember, any fund raising done by a SUSU affiliated club or society, or using a SUSU venue, publicity or ticket selling needs to legally be approved by RAG. Just fill out a fund raising event application form at least four weeks before the event!

Fundraising Event Application

Please download the application form, complete the stages as required and then return by email to or alternatively bring the forms to the Student Activities office in Building 40.

  • RAG Application Event Form and Guide (.doc)