Just A Spoonful of Charity

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Volunteering: it’s all about helping others and doing good for the people around you. But have you ever thought about what volunteering does for you? It seems that donating your money, time and ideas reaps more benefits than it would appear! Beat those winter blues with a remedy as effective as Calpol is for the […]

Will You Be An EXTRA Special Volunteer?

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If adventure and opportunity get you smiling, then have you ever thought about being a TREK LEADER for a worthwhile charity? RAG are looking for students to be group leaders for upcoming projects in summer 2015. ‘East African Playgrounds’, ‘Hope for Children’ and ‘Student Adventures’ are looking for ambassadors to take charge of a group of students from […]

Zombies attack Glen Eyre for charity!

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A little while back the Wessex Scene and SUSUtv gave reports of a mass zombie outbreak in the Glen Eyre Halls complex…luckily, RAG Events Officer Katie sprung to the rescue with our Halloween themed SURVIVAL last week! Thanks to all of our volunteers and attendees who came along to help 🙂 (and to Katie for overseeing […]