SUSU Funding: How to Get the Free Money you Deserve

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This could be your society if you play your cards right!
This could be your society if you play your cards right!

There is a pot of money available every year for student groups to tap into, to help with the smooth running and growth of the society. Applications are accepted over a 2 week period with payment usually arriving at the start of the next term.

I sit on one of the funding committees and so gave my opinions on all that came through in September. I thought that I would quickly give some tips on what can make or break an application.


Make sure that you explain why you are asking for what you want.

“It will really help the committee keep clean”

That isn’t enough to persuade me that you need a £3000 pressure washer for the Shoe Tying Society. Instead just put in a paragraph or two explaining what you currently do, why this isn’t good enough/could be significantly improved upon and how your request will help you out.


When we look at your applications they are all seen in one batch (e.g. all the ‘Essential’ requests are looked through at once). Explaining exactly how LeafSoc counts all the leaves on a tree, and why, is only necessary on the first application in each pot. I only have so many hours in the day to dedicate to the intricacies of the history of your society and the quicker I can move between your applications the better.


Pllleeeaaaasseee put down 3 options for each purchase! We need to know that you have properly researched it and haven’t just chosen the first Amazon link after a half-hearted Google.



Look at how sad this dog is. This is how will look when I realise that you’ve made me do even more work.

This may seem obvious but it wasn’t for some; if you say that your hire of a juggling clown on stilts whilst breathing fire and also making balloon animals cost £46.95 for the day, then don’t request £50. You won’t be given the extra, I will have to do even more maths and will cry. Again.


Last time there was a quote given for one price and an Amazon link provided. Clicking on the Amazon link gave a price that was £5 less and looking at the first Google hit also gave a cheaper cost. Just… dont.


This is really the main point, I am just a fan of a good old-fashioned ramble. Ask yourself:

  • Do you actually require this?
  • Are there better ways to get the money?
  • Does your request fall within the limits of SUSU’s funding rules?

If not then regardless of how noble the cause, well researched the application is or low the cost of the request, you simply will not be approved.


If you don’t get the item/s you asked for then look at the feedback and also at what other requests were approved. Use these to modify your application for next time and remember that we don’t just reject things for shits and giggles.

If it was up to me you would all get all of the money!

Last funding round the External Engagement Zone gave out 99.2% of the available funding, the meeting stretched over 2 days and I spent 4 hours making notes on the ‘Essential’ pot alone. I am really, really sorry if you get rejected/a smaller amount than you asked for but please bare in mind that we all try really hard and some of us don’t even get paid to do it!
If you have any questions then let me know and thanks for making it this far! If you have any questions then you can email me on or message our Facebook page.

Rag love xx
Kieran, President