Jailbreak Veterans – Charlotte and Freya’s French Adventure

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Jailbreak is getting closer every day, and teams are already dusting off their passports, plotting grand escape plans, and coming up with some hilarious costume ideas. Charlotte and Freya both took part in Jailbreak 2014, and they’ve written a short piece about their adventure through France:

IMG_2772Jailbreak gives you a new sense of time and distance like never before. Every minute not moving is a minute against you and it’s a lot of pressure considering you have 36 hours (2160 minutes!) The time limit definitely pushes you, our main advice is just to go for it as you can easily surprise yourself, returning from your trip a more confident and resourceful person.

Our story of Jailbreak began just like any other day; we got up early, put on our air hostess outfits and made our way to campus. Up until the night before we were certain we would take our chances in London airports, but advice from previous years resulted in a last minute decision which set us on a different course heading towards Portsmouth docks. Collecting money in Portsmouth was a lot more successful than we could have predicted! Cutting it close, we just about got the funding to get the only ferry heading to Caen that day.

IMG_2760We were completely exhausted by midday, having spoken to what felt like every person in the country, but it was truly worth it – it was eye opening to see just how many strangers are willing to get involved in a good cause! Despite the exhaustion we knew we had to power on through, since we hadn’t even hit the half way mark yet. Luckily for us we met a recently released but reformed ex-con who happily brought us a few rounds at the bar to perk us all up. Also on-board the ferry, we dined with and got to know John, an interesting man to say the least who had a fondness of wearing women’s clothing and was heading to France in honour of his late wife.

was kind enough to offer us a place to sleep in his camper-van that night and gave us a lift half way down the French coast to Bordeaux. He was very lovely and treated us so well; we even woke up to coffee and croissants!
(He also threw in a couple of hi-vis vests as you are not allowed to hitch-hike without them through some European countries).

This kind of generosity really renews your faith in humanity and his concern for our safety was very reassuring, as he would not leave us until we had found ourselves another lift. Next, we ended up carpooling with some FreIMG_2753nch work friends who, all but one, spoke little English. Julian bridged the gap, showing off his English skills and teaching us some French along the way too. ‘Je ne comprendes pas’ was our limit beforehand, and it didn’t really get us far, but the guys were more than happy to help us out and the language barrier didn’t prove to be a big issue. It was a smooth ride down to Toulouse which was our final destination.

Just remember to stay positive throughout and talk to as many people as you can, it’s a short time with a huge amount to gain so make the most of it! You get to see new places and meet some very interesting people, all whilst doing a great thing for charity, what more could you want?  P.S. You’ll even be back in time for Monday at Jesters.”



Jailbreak is on Saturday 21st November. Follow the team’s progress by watching the SUSUtv live show, or by checking out the online tracker!