Jailbreak Veterans – A message from last year’s champions, Pete Johnson.

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With only a few days to go I hope you are all hyped for what will probably be the most exciting 36 hours you will have whilst at uni. Most of you probably have an action plan of some sort by now, whether it is; trying to get down to Dover and hitch a lift into Europe, making your way up to London and blagging a flight or maybe just keep heading north until the land stops (Scotland is a hell of a long way away!). It’s too late for me to give any of you fundraising advise and I’m sure your family and friends are fed up of Facebook spamming and pleading emails, but I’ve seen some of the totals and they are amazing considering you haven’t actually gone anywhere yet.

With all that said I just want to give you some little tips on how to do well, have fun and not piss people off as you do it. Some of these things you will have heard before but that probably means they work, and the things you haven’t heard might be the tip that helps you win.

Copy of B3DcE4ICYAA8DW1DRESS UP : This is a classic idea, even if you don’t make a big fancy outfit, go and get yourself a cheap onesie, something to make you stand out from the crowd. People find it a lot easier to trust 2 people dressed as dragons than people in jeans and tee-shirts.

LEARN THE CHARITIES: If you are hoping to pull favours from random people in the name of charity make sure you know where all the funds are going, people WILL ask you.


YOU CAN’T HITCH HIKE Copy of IMG_7730EVERYWHERE: Whilst you still have access to the internet do a quick check on where you can and can’t hitch hike, you’ll be kicking yourself after walking down a very busy road for 5 hours wondering why no one has taken pity on your little “thumbs up” only to see a sign when the sun comes up saying that hitch-hiking on this road is illegal for everyone involved.

SKY SCANNER: If you’re hoping to fly this app is a life saver.

If there is one thing Jailbreak did for me, it was reassure me how many good people there are out there. Going up to strangers and asking them to put their hand in their pocket to help you out is a bit daunting at first, but you will soon learn that people want to help you out, and are proud that there are people like you willing to do something totally crazy in the name of charity! Having said that, there are a few dodgy people out there so just avoid them, climbing in the back of a van just to get an extra 10 miles might not be worth it at the end of the day. Equally, have backup plans, if you can only get a single ticket to somewhere, make sure you have a way of getting back home once the event is over.

Copy of IMG_7752MOST OF ALL HAVE FUN!: 36 hours is a surprisingly long time when you are spending every minute thinking of where to go, or what to try next. By the end you will be shattered and probably won’t have slept, (you can’t lose 6 hours to sleep if you want to win), but you could potentially be anywhere in the world having the time of your life. There will be points where you want to give up, but don’t. Even if you don’t win, the further you get, the more money you’ll raise for charity (via online sponsorship donations during the event), and that’s the whole point of Jailbreak. As well as the extra sponsorship, you have no idea what stroke of luck could be waiting round the next corner; perhaps it’s the millionaire alumnus of Southampton that you were waiting for, to buy your tickets to Las Vegas.

Copy of IMG_7797Last year I spent my birthday chilling on a beach in Cyprus in the middle of November, knowing that I had been part of raising 1000’s of pounds for 4 amazing causes. The gauntlet has been set, can you beat “an outRAGeous pair”, how far will YOU get???