Half marathon? Yeah, I will definitely do that next year!

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Got round to it? Me neither, BUT all is not lost because…

  1. There is (and always will be) next year. Don’t give up on those running shoes just yet.
  2. You can still make a difference!

The Sunday 24th April 2016 sees the ABP Half Marathon return to Southampton and we need YOU, a dose of enthusiasm and willingness to be L-O-U-D!

How I hear you ask? By becoming a Mile-Maker!

This involves cheering on the runners, providing them with water and generally keeping them motivated to make it to the end. This makes a huge difference to the experience of the runners, so you’ll be a crucial part of the day.

This year we have a mile for RAG and another for the campaign for the Centre for Cancer Immunology, both of which will gain an automatic £200 donation for our time. Not only that, but the loudest mile can win £500 to their cause! Be warned – the competition is fierce so hook out a whacky onesie, it’ll be needed.

So what is it like to be a Mile-Maker?

“My day as a mile maker was absolutely brilliant, despite being exhausting! We actually decided that limiting ourselves to a single mile of stewarding wasn’t good enough, and decided to motivate the runners at the back to keep pushing and we crossed to the finish line with them 4 miles later. It’s a great excuse to dress up like an idiot, and shout your lungs out while you watch people doing the real work!”

Morgan Roberts, Volunteer 2014/15 and UK Challenges Officer 2015/16 

“Last year’s ABP Half was such an enjoyable experience. It’s a great feeling to be able to put a smile on people’s faces after the pain that is Burgess Road! Cartwheeling across the line with the last runner of the day was a fantastic and memorable experience”

Kieran Reals, Challenges Officer 2014/15 and RAG President 2015/16 

Keen to be a part of one of the biggest annual events in Southampton? Sign up here

We look forward to seeing you there!

Steph Powell, Partnerships Officer 2015/16 & Bella Muras, Partnerships Officer 2016/17