Fundraising Advice from Jailbreak Veterans – Ed Wilson

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With Jailbreak only 27 days away, teams are getting stuck into raising that all important sponsorship money before they embark on a race across the globe. Ed Wilson took part in Jailbreak 2014 with two friends from halls, and got to Toulouse. They raised an amazing £750 for the three RAG charities that year, which was the most out of all the teams, so Ed’s here to explain a bit about how they did it and to maybe give you some ideas!


” To raise money for Jailbreak we had two separate tactics; email as many family members as possible with an explanation of the challenge and the charities and a link to our fundraising page, and ask as many people as possible in halls to sponsor us per mile travelled.


The first was slightly easier but surprisingly made up for less than half of our final total, the rest came from fellow broke students! We asked as many people as possible in our halls and our friends to give us 3p per mile we travelled, up to a cap of £15 per person, this worked very well as they were willing to help out and if we did very well we could collect a fair bit of money.

LogosOur actual tactics on the day involved shaking a bucket around Southampton and getting enough money for a bus to France, but I would stress that it was important to be clear that although the money was being used to help us to travel, it would help us to fund raise more in sponsorship overall since we were being sponsored per mile.

It was a great experience and to anyone who has already signed up, or is thinking of taking part next year I would encourage you to go for it, it’s completely different to anything else you do at Uni and if you put a bit of effort in beforehand on the fundraising side it can make a big difference to the amount raised, which is the whole point in the end!”

Jailbreak is on Saturday 21st November. Follow the team’s progress by watching the SUSUtv live show, or by checking out the online tracker!