CHARITY FOCUS: ‘Solent Mind’

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At the end of the Summer term, we selected 3 main charities to fundraise for this year with the help of all of you who took the time to fill in our survey. We’d like to thank you immensely and hope that you join us in supporting these charities this year.

In case you are unaware of the charities that were chosen, or need a little more information on the selection, we will be sharing a weekly post on each of the charities.

The first charity under the RAG spotlight is Solent Mind – our local charity!

Our Local Charity


‘Solent Mind’ is a mental health charity pioneering to support everyone affected with mental illnesses in our region and offering advice where they are able. One of their main objectives is to improve services available to those suffering with mental illnesses and deliver them a sense of empowerment, where they never feel alone and always have someone to turn to.

RAG are very happy to support a charity that has centred itself around the people in our area who are in need. We really encourage you to support Solent Mind all you can this year!

As a university, our donations will be split with Solent Mind and our 2 other charities, but as well as giving money through RAG, if you would like to get more involved you can donate independently to their ‘JustGiving’ page, become a member or simply read more about them. All this information can be found on their website:



Next week: CHARITY FOCUS: Teenage Cancer Trust