Be a Big Give Champion!

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Last year, SUSU RAG hit campus and raised more money in just one week than ever before. That was The Big Give, when RAG Week was re-launched in spectacular form with a very simple concept born from one of our weekly meetings on WHY we fundraise: a week dedicated to making it as easy as possible for everyone […]

Free cake and puppies on campus! *

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Yep, RAG are bringing you PUPPY CUDDLES again, from our wonderful friends at Woofability! This, teamed with FREE TEA, COFFEE AND CAKE, is our bid to beat the blues on a (probably cold and rainy) Monday. Feeling blue about lectures starting? Swing by and see if this little one can cheer you up 🙂 All we’ll be asking […]

Zombies attack Glen Eyre for charity!

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A little while back the Wessex Scene and SUSUtv gave reports of a mass zombie outbreak in the Glen Eyre Halls complex…luckily, RAG Events Officer Katie sprung to the rescue with our Halloween themed SURVIVAL last week! Thanks to all of our volunteers and attendees who came along to help 🙂 (and to Katie for overseeing […]