Are you ready to RAG?!

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Welcome Freshers (and all you oldies) to another year at Southampton University!

I’m Nathan, the RAG Volunteer Coordinator for this year, you probably know me as the annoying Welsh guy in the hat who you’ve either met on campus making you do ridiculous activities, or (more likely) on a night out trying to relive my freshers glory days and realising I am waaaayyy too old to still be acting like a first year. If you are reading this then you have probably met us at the bunfight today and are looking for more information about what we do, however I’m sure you are pretty sick of our overinflated egos and us constantly talking about how awesome we are, so instead I’m going to give you a quick rundown of what we have going on over the remainder of freshers fortnight so you can experience RAG for yourselves.

Thursday 24th September – BREASTIVAL!

RAG in association with MuSoc will be hosting our music event BREASTIVAL! At the Talking Heads pub, entry is £2 with all donations going to Breast Cancer Now. Rumours of a walking bus headed from campus after the laughter lounge may or may not be true…..

Monday 28th September – Red Brick Day

Also known as oh god my course is actually starting day, you’ll be looking for something to take your mind off of all that first year “work” (you only need 40%!). So during the breaks between your lectures come down to the Red Brick (outside the Union) to see a showcase of societies and events, keep an eye out for the Zumba society who will be doing their Zumbathon!

Thursday 1st October – RAG Social

This is it, the big one, the one you’ve all been waiting for, the first (of many) RAG social of the year! This will give you the opportunity to meet representatives of our chosen charities as well as meeting the rest of this year’s committee members and other newcomers who are interested in getting involved with our events throughout the year (as well as having a beverage or 12). It kicks off at 7 in Bar 2 in the Union and you better all be there!


So that’s our upcoming stuff, you will probably see much more of me and the RAG crew over the next week and throughout the year, so if you want to see what all the hype is about (and you aren’t sick of my face already) then come see us at these events and I’m looking forward to meeting you guys over the next few weeks! Especially at our first social where you can show your appreciation for this blog post in the form of free beverages!

RAG Love!

-Nathan Freeman Volunteer Coordinator and Beer Officer