25 Ideas to Help You Reach Those Fundraising Goals!

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Perhaps you’re thinking about joining one of our treks in the summer, but don’t know how to get the money? Or maybe, you’ve already signed up but wonder how many bake sales it will take to get to that target? Well, we’ve lined up 25 ideas to help you along the way!


25 Ideas to Help Your Fundraising

  1. SPREAD THE WORD – The key to getting donations rolling in is to let people know what you’re doing. Speak to your friends and family and share the good news on social media! shout-to-make-your-voice-heard
  2. Set up an account with virgin-money-giving or similar websites
    Giving people the ability to quickly and simply donate to your cause is essential to securing success and getting you one step closer to that all important fundraising target!
  3. Bake sale 
  4. Sell you old DVDs and games – every little counts. Try selling your old items to a shop or website. There are a few out there who reward you for donating your items/ recycling them. Add the money to your fundraising total!
  5. Save a portion of your salary 
  6. Try babysitting or dog walking 
  7. Get sponsored (Try a swim, cycle or sky-dive!) 
  8. List your old clothes on eBay 
  9. Donate a day’s wage – ‘Donate a day’s wages to charity’ day falls on the 2nd Wednesday of May every year. The next one is 13th May 2015 but, if you can’t wait the long, why not donate your day’s wages today?
  10. Hold a table top sale (Or attend one!) 
  11. Start a raffle 
  12. Make it a social affair Organising a social fundraiser is a great way of getting donations and having a (perhaps not so) memorable evening with your friends. But, remember to check with the venue before you go ahead with selling tickets!
  13. Sell your books 
  14. Save on your weekly shopSaving £2 everytime that you do your shopping will soon add up. Donate the saved money to your cause.                              saving
  15. Do a car boot sale 
  16. Get paid to take surveys 
  17. Organise a curry night 
  18. Wash cars 
  19. Hold a tournament – get a group of friends together and charge entrance into your tournament. Try a football match or mini Olympics.
  20. Shave your headperhaps an idea for the more adventurous. Get sponsored to have your hair shaved. Donate your hair AND put the sponsorship money towards your fundraising goal!
  21. Give up a food or alcohol and donate the money saved to your cause 
  22. Make something that you can sell 
  23. Launch a competition – get people to pay entrance to your competition and hand out a prize for the winner. What about a bake off? Or your own ‘Come Dine With Me’?
  24. Make a cookbookgot a group of friends looking to raise funds for a trip? Club together and create a cookbook. Compile recipes, get it printed and sell it to your family and friends!
  25. Host a barbecue for your friends – get everyone to chip in by paying £3 to come and have a meal at yours!